Rapid Set Flowing Screeds are the perfect solution for your project

Rapid set flowing Screeds for home, office or commercial developments, floor screeding is fast becoming one of the most widely used techniques in both new builds, and in restoration building products.

Express Screed use only the highest quality products available on the market to deliver you a first-class product for your using  manufacturers who have tried and tested their products in a domestic and commercial environment.

We have access to a nationwide network of screed suppliers producing top quality screeds, get in touch and let us help you with your floor screed project. Our expertise in rapid set flowing screeds could save you money and inconveniance while planning your new project.

Let us advise you which material will best suit property requirements, for the best possible level or service. We are committed to reducing cost and by using a supplier that is local to your project we are able to pass on the savings and cut our carbon footprint.

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Anhydrite or Rapid Set Flowing Screeds?

Anhydrite flowing screeds are cost effective and are a great choice for covering large open areas with minimal labour and will cover up to 2000m2 in just one day.

Gypsom based screeds are self compacting, self smoothing and fast drying  and walkable within 24-48hrs they have a recycled content of up to 36% that is  non combustible and avoids the need for any reinforcement.

Drying times for this type of screed prior to laying floor coverings is 1mm per day for the first 40mm and 0.5mm per day and will allow force drying with UFH systems or other mechanical drying systems.

Cemfloor rapid set screeds are a cement based free-flowing self-compacting screed that allows floors to be laid up to 150m2 without any joints. It can be laid in thinner sections compared to traditional screeds (25mm above UFH pipework) and  has excellent thermal conductivity (up to 2.9w/m.k).

Cemfloor has lower drying times compared to traditional screeds, as little as five days in non heated floors and 16 days in heated floors. Moisture sensitive floor coverings can be applied , there is  minimal shrinkage and it can be applied in wet areas such as wet rooms, swimming pool surrounds etc. It can also be polished and used as a final floor finish.

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