Self-leveling thin section screed & latex screeds

Self-leveling thin section screed come in powder form and are mixed with potable water or latex solution. They provide a thin layer of leveling compound prior to laying a new floor screed for a better covering.

Express Screed employ various methods of thin-section screed placement – from hand mixing to machine placement. Once mixed correctly, we apply the floor screed over an area to the desired depths with a floor-levelling tool and use a spiked roller to leave a level, smooth surface that is ready to accept foot traffic within two hours.

Floor-levelling compounds are mainly used to repair or level a floor surface that is ready to receive a floor covering with high tolerance expectations (i.e. vinyls, resins, tiles or epoxy floor paints). They are also used as a final wearing surface, typically for warehouse floors.

Floor-levelling products come in various guises and each has a specific job e.g. to provide strength, flexibility or waterproofing, regardless of whether the work is carried out internally or externally. These screeding products can easily achieve SR1 and can be applied from a depth as low as 1mm up to 50mm.

Thin section screeds can either be latex or cementitious. They can be prepared ready for application, either with water or latex, as a two-part system (dependent on the specified product). But, as with all thin section-levelling compounds, the preparation of the substrate is crucial to the final outcome of any screed – from initial cleaning and scabbling (if required) to the use of suitable floor primers.

View our Thin Section Screed Gallery here.

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